Sunday, August 7, 2011

It's Just A Fad

In all the hoopla of the credit downgrade, there was a birthday yesterday that we need to mention., not Lucille Ball, but I grew up partially on old I Love Lucy reruns, so hey, happy birthday, Mrs. Rotted-Out Corpse Unless You Were Cremated.

In fact, we're celebrating here the 20th birthday of the World Wide Web. You know, the 'www' that websites don't even bother making you type out anymore. Yesterday in 1991, the very first website was created. That website is here. The content of the site, back at the start, was to inform visitors how to make text, create their own sites, search the then very very tiny Web for information etc. Today, such information hard-wired into the psyches of the online population, the site tells the story of the Web's invention.

The Web's only 20 years old. For all the ages of things out there that make you feel old... the Web can't even legally drink yet.

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