Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Housekeeping Note

You may have already noticed over the past few days, but I've been making another run through the Blogger toolbox and seeing how I can fill the place out.

Noting the changes quickly:

*There's a 'contact' page now at the top. The info is repeated in the introductory post way back from the day the blog kicked off, but it recently occurred to me that that arrangement is getting more ridiculously inconvenient every day.
*There's now a share function over to the side. I tried attaching it to the bottom of each post, but the only way I could get it to work was when it attached to the bottom of the page, not bottom of the post.
*Finally, there's a most-popular page listing. Due to the unwieldy design and size (those stupid, stupid diamonds, mainly), though, that may not last long. I'm still trying to work out how to make it so that it doesn't stretch a page the length of Route 66.

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