Saturday, August 20, 2011

So... Bad News Concerning The Hikers.

After an inordinately long wait to hand down a verdict concerning Shane Bauer and Josh Fattal, the remaining two hikers held in Iran on charges of illegal entry and espionage, they have been given a guilty verdict and sentenced to eight years in prison: three years for illegal entry, five for espionage (the evidence for which has still yet to be presented). They've already been in detention for two years, but it's doubtful that there's any credit being given for time served.

There is no official comment as of yet from the families, but one can imagine their reaction.

The movement dedicated to their release, Free The Hikers, has no intention of giving up. According to a Facebook post by organizer Brendan McShane Creamer, "We're getting them home & it's not going to be in 8 years." They are currently brainstorming ideas on just how to make that happen. If you have any- any respectful ones, that is- you're encouraged to Like the Free the Hikers Facebook page and chime in.

Obviously, this is not over yet.

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