Friday, September 16, 2011

How Monkeys Explain The World

If you don't visit Cracked, you really rather should. First off, it's funny. Certainly funnier than the days when they had a magazine. Second, though, amongst that humor, they've gotten to be as much a trivia website as a humor website.

...actually, that's not quite right. Sometimes 'trivia' isn't really the right word. Sometimes it goes far beyond anything that might ever be called 'trivia'.

For example- and really, this may be the single greatest thing ever written at Cracked- back in 2007, David Wong attempted to explain everything from why there's racism, to why you're less affected by thousands of dead earthquake victims in the Congo than you are by your friend dying in a car crash, to why "the government" and "corporations" are so easily blamed for things, to why religions have all-knowing deities, to why the guy behind the counter at McDonald's keeps screwing up your order, to the very credo of this blog, all in one article.

His reason: something he calls the Monkeysphere. (The second page may have some background problems. Just highlight the text and press on.)

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