Saturday, September 17, 2011

Rapid-Fire Book Club, Surprise Library Book Sale Edition

Today- or more accurately, yesterday- marked my visit to the annual book sale held by my local library to get rid of the books they're not going to be using anymore. This year it was more of a case of serendipity that got me into the book sale; I had forgotten about it, but I was hungry and headed out to get something for dinner. I passed the library on my way, which was, it turned out, about ten minutes from closing for the night.

That was more than enough time to leave me in a room with a bunch of books on sale for a buck. Though, of course, it was more of a sprint than I'm accustomed to.

The take, running me a total of $3 for the whole lot:

*Bordewich, Fergus M.- Killing the White Man's Indian: Reinventing Native Americans at the End of the Twentieth Century (copyright 1996)
*Hardy, David- What A Mistake!: The Greatest Blunders, Mistakes, Bungles, Bloopers, Slip-Ups, Howlers & Misfires of All Time (copyright 1983)
*Johnson, Donald S.- Phantom Islands of the Atlantic: The Legends of Seven Islands that Never Were (copyright 1994, and none of them are Atlantis; in fact, the word "Atlantis" is only uttered once in the whole book)
*Lewis, Michael- Liar's Poker (a book about Wall Street, copyright 1989- is there any better copyright year when looking for a book about how crazy Wall Street can be?)

I had KFC, by the way.

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