Thursday, September 29, 2011

That Just Happened

My brain broke trying to process last night's happenings in baseball. I am far from alone. All I can do at the moment is just replay the highlights over and over and over again. I think I was going to do a Random News Generator today; that's out the window because I'm still mentally doing this:

I'm also fairly sympathetic to Red Sox Nation. I'm a Cubs fan. I know what baseball pain is. I know they know what baseball pain is. That's not fun for any fan to go through.

Still don't mean it's not fun to read, though. So here's Bill Simmons' running diary on Grantland. Then- once their server recovers- here's the non-Simmons section of Red Sox Nation, on the message board Sons of Sam Horn, beginning from the top of the 9th in Baltimore.

Condolences to Atlanta Braves fans as well, even though I hate the Braves.

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