Thursday, December 29, 2011

Are You Visiting From Samoa?

No. No, you're not. We haven't had any visitors here from Samoa.

But if you were, at the end of the day today, you'll be crossing the International Date Line alongside Tokelau, moving from the east side of it to the west, and thereby jumping ahead a day. For you, December 30 will simply not exist.

Why? Samoa and Tokelau mainly deal with Australia and New Zealand, who are on the western side of the line, and being a day behind them wreaks havoc with trade relations. It's just easier to rend the fabric of time itself than to deal with Samoan and Australian weekend hours not matching up.

So, heads up on that. Everyone else... Tokelau is the name of an island in the Pacific Ocean. They live under New Zealand jurisdiction.

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