Sunday, December 18, 2011

Cliffs Notes: Utah Campaign Finance Edition

This is one of those cases where excess words obscure the point. Once in a while that happens in a story. Most of the time you're best making an in-depth explanation of what's going on, but every so often, you just have to get to the point. So we'll condense this to the bare minimum.

THE PEOPLE: Utah state legislators Dave Clark and Carl Wimmer.
THE "PROBLEM": State campaign laws prevent them from fundraising while the legislature is in session.
THE "SOLUTION": Resign from state legislature and concentrate on their bids for seats in Congress.
CLARK'S EXCUSES: "Any candidate who is looking at federal office will find it becomes extremely difficult to do both jobs." "The amount of money that would be needed for a federal race is a multiple many times of what is needed for a state race."
WIMMER'S EXCUSES: "I can't put my own money into this race." "I am a middle-class, blue-collar American worker."
THEY WOULD CHALLENGE THE LAW, BUT: They don't want to taint their image with voters.

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