Wednesday, December 28, 2011

How to Run A PR Company Into The Ground

As demonstrated by one Paul Christoforo of Ocean Marketing, which employs, essentially, Paul Christoforo.

1. Provide poor customer service.
2. Mock customer.
3. When customer goes to media- in this case, Mike Krahulik, one of the guys who runs Penny Arcade- mock him too. (That link goes to the complete e-mail exchange up to that point.) When Mike threatens/promises to make you the subject of the next comic, relish the publicity.
4. Clumsily change name of PR company while still in spotlight.
5. Misspell new name of PR company in Twitter account ("OceanStratagy"). After you have already misspelled the old name ("OceanMarketting").

According to Kotaku, whatever its name is, Paul's out of business (or at least fired by his client), on a third Twitter account as of this writing (OceanDeepSea). Not only that, but when you get the Internet coming down on you like it's coming down on Christoforo, the Internet digs up absolutely everything on you. Kotaku spotted him on a steroid forum. Someone else dug up a domestic violence case on record from 2008. There may be more out there; this is still a fresh scandal and the Internet hasn't gotten bored with it yet.

Now, Paul has made an apology- which nobody is accepting at this point, including Krahulik- and has noted this on his Facebook page. Of course, he has noted this in the form of saying "PLEASE STOP CALLING ME PEOPLE!!! I HAVE APOLOGIZED PLEASE I AM TRYIN TO RUN A BUSINESS!!!"

Not anymore you're not, Paul.

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