Thursday, December 22, 2011

Random News Generator- Costa Rica

Some days the RNG just gets moody. Today, it landed on St. Helena. Back in May, St. Helena was covered as part of RNG Week, and shown to be a tiny little island in the South Atlantic that continually bleeds residents to basically anywhere that isn't St. Helena.

They're getting a baggage carousel. Aren't you just so excited? Soon they hope to have an airport where they can put it to use.

So we spin again and land on Costa Rica. Beautiful country, lots of rainforest, very ecologically progressive, surrounded by a lot of Central
American strife...

...and what comes up first on Google News is that Miley Cyrus dropped an F-bomb while visiting when someone called her an asshole. Seriously. The local Costa Rican news has video and everything. Well, just stop the F-ing presses, huh?

That, right now, is showing 104 articles on the topic on Google News. What is only giving a handful of articles, maybe five or six, is how Costa Rica has recently been coming increasingly under threat from Mexican drug cartels and Colombian suppliers, which is of particular threat to the country because it has no military with which to defend itself and their police force has never had to step in for military-like purposes. For every person that cares about Costa Rica coming under fire like this, there are, at least in the media, 10 that care that Miley Cyrus used a curse word. That is appalling.

You don't even want to know how many hits there are on Google News for Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie wanting to move down there, even though "news" on that broke a week and a half ago.

And then they go and wonder why people keep making blogs on the assumption that they could do a better job.

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