Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Random News Generator- Thailand

Last year, severe flooding in Thailand, some of the worst the country has ever seen, killed some 800 people. In the wake of that flooding, the government has come under fire for not doing enough to shore up the nation's defenses in time to prevent a recurrence. Some people are still waiting for compensation.

The preparation time may be up. Northern Thailand saw flooding start up again on Monday, and levees in Sukhothai, an ancient northern capital, failed, releasing about three feet of water into the city. Four people are reported dead as of last report. The amounts of water being dealt with are so far smaller than last year's, and Bangkok is not under a flood advisory, at least not yet, but people are understandably on edge and scrambling to get what they can done before the floodwaters get downstream to their areas.

That's the major item. Meanwhile:

*Thailand is working with India and Myanmar to attempt to create a trilateral commission, which will of course watch you while you sleep, have tracking devices follow you on Twitter, and corner the market on concentrated orange juice-- I mean build a highway. A normal, not-out-of-the-ordinary-at-all highway.

*Migrants from Myanmar- which are to Thailand roughly what Mexican migrants are to the United States- have been beginning to weigh whether conditions in their country have improved enough that they can safely go back home. As it stands, they've been shacking up in Thailand, doing the kind of menial and physical labor shunned by Thais. This is not to say they're actually going. They're just thinking about it. They're still pretty wary.

*And in the Bangkok suburb of Pathum Thani, a man has been arrested for raising six tigers on the roof of his house. As you do.

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