Friday, September 28, 2012

Yet Another Reason To Not Eat Asparagus

Today we are once again hitting up Journeyman Pictures for a report. I can't hunt down where the following video is originally sourced, so it might be an original from them. In any case, this is a report on human trafficking of Romanians working as slaves at an asparagus farm in the Czech Republic, run by the company Bohaemer Spargel Kultur, or BSK. BSK was previously investigated on the practice in 2009.

Here's the blog EatingInPrague, in which, in April 2010, the blogger unwittingly visits the exact same farm you're about to see in action. He sees nothing, and buys a pound of white asparagus directly from the farm. He gets one comment on the article... from someone claiming to be with BSK, wishing to contact him further.

The producer is someone going only by 'EO', which probably means I shouldn't go delving further into it.

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