Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Don't Eat At Americatown

Go head over to Google Maps for me, and scroll over to North Korea. Up until a couple days ago, you'd just see a dot marking off Pyongyang and nothing else. As of a couple days ago, the map has gotten... rather more detailed.

It's still not the most detailed North Korean map out there. That honor belongs to Curtis Melvin of George Mason University, whose North Korea Uncovered map is available here for download on Google Earth. But this is a good start, allowing for, among other things, labeling of the country's more visible gulags- though seemingly not all; I only noticed five (one of which is actually two, separated on Melvin's map) and Wikipedia noted 16, and given that one of them is named Camp 22, that may not even be all of them. Detail within those gulags is another thing, even on Melvin's map: not all North Korean gulags have seen someone escape to tell the tale, and Camp 22 relies on accounts from former guards.

It's also the most accessible map now, allowing for anyone to just stroll up and see what's there without having to download anything.

It also allows for smartasses: hi, whoever inserted 'Kenton's Compound', a location not on Melvin's map, pegged at Yangdok, and then reviewed it with 'Better dress warm and no brazilian wax.'

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