Wednesday, January 16, 2013

How To Outsource Your Own Job

1. Do not outsource your own job.
2. If you must outsource your own job, well, make sure it's an instance where you really, truly must. As in, your employer is making you train your replacement. In which case, that sucks, man. Sorry about that.
3. If your employer is not making you train your replacement, and you still wish to outsource, do not outsource it while at your workplace.
4. Do not pass the outsourced work off as your own. Give credit. Heck, if you're honest about it and refer him, maybe your boss will hire the guy outright and take some weight off your shoulders.
5. Do not outsource your job on company computers. Your boss can see that.
6. Do not outsource your job to China. China has a reputation for hacking foreign websites, and a sudden Chinese presence on company computers will raise red flags in security.
7. If security comes to investigate, try to make sure they don't find Reddit, eBay and cat pictures.
8. If caught, expect your boss to wonder why he's paying you to have someone else do your job for a fifth of the price. He PROBABLY won't decide to cut out the middleman and hire the Chinese guy for that fifth of the price, but why take that chance?
9. Expect to have a lot of time afterwards to download all the cats you want.

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