Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Put A Tiger In Your Petting Zoo

Journeyman Pictures- and for that matter, SBS' Dateline of Australia- bring another video to the party today (it's SBS's version you're seeing). David O'Shea... well, even he's here for another go. We may have to look at O'Shea further.

In this case, O'Shea heads to Thailand's Tiger Temple. It's one of the country's premier tourist attractions; a visitor-friendly tiger sanctuary. It had a role in the first Amazing Race when the teams were told to go into one of the enclosures and then the tigers looked half-asleep and bored out of their minds. Because these are relatively tame tigers. You can even play with them.

O'Shea would like to let you know how those tigers got to be so tame. It's not a pleasant answer.

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