Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy- Well, Mostly Happy, Anyway- 2013

Let's just have fun today. New Year's celebration repository!

Auckland, New Zealand:

Sydney, Australia:

Tokyo, Japan:

Seoul, South Korea:

Taipei, Taiwan:

Hong Kong:

Beijing, China:


Bangkok, Thailand:

India was very sober in its celebrations, as they're still mourning the death of the gang-rape victim, whom Indian law prevents from being identified:

Dubai, UAE:

Moscow, Russia:

Johannesburg, South Africa:

Berlin, Germany:

Amsterdam, Netherlands:

Paris, France:

Barcelona, Spain:

Edinburgh, Scotland:

London, England:

Casablanca, Morocco:

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil:

Bogota, Colombia:

Montreal, Canada:

New York, United States:

Toronto, Canada:

Nashville, United States (unofficial; the official one is here but in my opinion inferior):

Las Vegas, United States:

Sacramento's celebrations were cancelled because some yutz thought it a good idea to take his gun along, shoot five people and kill two of them during the celebrations. So let's move on to...

Seattle, United States:

Honolulu, United States (they always get jobbed in these things; everybody conks out after New York):

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