Wednesday, June 19, 2013

A Note About Taxi Drivers

It may happen during the course of your life that, one day, you may require a taxi. It may further transpire that, when the taxi arrives, the driver turns out to be Muslim.

This is normal. All sorts of people drive taxis, from all different religions. Yes, even that one. This is not something to be scared of. This is certainly not something to call 911 over and yes this happened which is why we are going over this. No matter what the taxi driver's religion, you can go ahead and ride in the taxi without fear for anything except your wallet. There might even be a game show inside.

Also, 911 doesn't really appreciate hearing "I have some Muslim guy, which I am very scared, who is our taxi driver, who's pulled over, and I'm afraid." Especially after the driver has already called 911 himself because you told him that all Muslims come to the US and drive taxis for a year to raise the money to blow themselves up, because you poked him in the shoulder, and because you threatened to have him deported.

Also? If you keep the cab driver waiting for 50 minutes and he charges you for it, that's on you. Be lucky he even decided to hang around that long.

Also, stabbing the cabbie is right out.

This country is supposed to be the melting pot. All races, all religions welcome. Just because we haven't adhered to that as much as we should have been in the past is no excuse to continue not adhering to it now. There are about 1.8 billion Muslims on this planet and not all of them are trying to kill you. Some of them just want to drive you where you want to go. Some of them are not only in our airports, and drive you to our airports, they pray in them. Sometimes they even let them fly the plane, after which somehow the plane doesn't explode and the plane can be used again afterwards.

Ugh. Some of you, honestly.

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