Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Ready... Set... ART

Episode 28 of Strip Search has gone up today, the ninth elimination. The season finale is set for June 18. Which means soon, those of us who aren't Game of Thrones people will have to sit and wait for Season 2, and oh I so want there to be a Season 2.

But that's fine. Strip Search is filled with young, talented artists. If art is what we're looking for, well, there's no shortage of art to find. And if you're a Penny Arcade reader and decide that videogames are something to make art from... how's Tetris as a medium?

I give you the work of Michael Birken, or at least, the algorithm he wrote because it's a bit much to ask to be quite THIS good at Tetris. Those gamers among you will know the images well. And will also remember that a standard Tetris board is ten blocks wide and note that this board has been teased out significantly.

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