Saturday, June 8, 2013

You Deserve A Break Today

Okay, I think it's a how-to video kind of day. What should we do... I know! Let's learn how to perform open-heart surgery! okay, let's not, then. Maybe try something simpler. Washing one's hair properly.

I'm afraid to go to this guy for a science experiment. So let's take a Gummi Bear and do one without him. This isn't a try-this-at-home experiment. This is a science-teacher-demonstrates-in-class experiment, and believe me, it's fast become a science class staple. See, a Gummi Bear is made of sugar. Or, more accurately, it's made of sucrose.

In a separate realm of the chemical world, you have potassium chlorate, which is one potassium atom, one chlorine and three oxygen. Normally, when you subject that to a high temperature, it will just split off the oxygen, leaving potassium chloride. However, add the sucrose- which contains carbon- and it will react violently with the heated potassium chlorate, throwing out the large amount of energy contained in the sucrose. You have energy, oxygen and heat, which means you have fire.

Come to think of it, that guy from the other two videos might have had a hand in this one too.

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