Friday, January 24, 2014

A Bad Idea For A Lightning Rod

The statue of Christ the Redeemer in Rio. Last week, the statue was hit by lightning and lost part of a finger, forcing repairs that began a few days ago. Being on top of a mountain and being the tallest thing around, the statue is a natural target for any passing lightning storm, and being made of concrete and soapstone as opposed to metal, the statue can take a beating from the accumulated strikes as well as high winds at altitude, thus necessitating periodic repairs like this one. This can happen even though the statue has a number of lightning rods on it in order to draw away some of the impact; more are to be added in this repair, slated to take about four months. The lightning rods are bundled up on the top of the head, but given that lightning strikes tend to hit the middle finger- as this one did- the middle finger is getting lightning rods now as well.

Spectacular pictures, though.

(Book update: "Hey, you know what I should do? Bold the names of the clubs at the top of the profiles so as to improve readability." *cue epic tedium working my way through the text and manually bolding little bits for hundreds and hundreds of pages*)

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