Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Rapid-Fire Book Club, Cabin Fever Edition

Between bouts of snow, I ran into Madison today for my latest book run. It wasn't a long bookstore crawl, as I ended up having to beat the second run of snow home, but three books came out of the trip:

*Scott, Henry E.- Shocking True Story: The Rise And Fall Of Confidential, "America's Most Scandalous Scandal Magazine"
*van Bergeijk, Jeroen- My Mercedes Is Not For Sale: From Amsterdam To Ouagadougou... An Auto-Misadventure Across The Sahara
*Wilson, Jonathan- Inverting The Pyramid: The History Of Soccer Tactics

Because it's never too late to keep plugging stuff into my soccer book. (Well, until the day it gets sent off to the publisher, but that's another matter.)

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