Sunday, January 12, 2014

Internal Programming Note: Kickstarter Ahoy

I've mentioned a couple times that I've been working on a book revolving around adopting a club soccer team. The plan has been, naturally, to go find a publisher for it. Unfortunately, that didn't quite work out the way I'd hoped; it seems that the people we'd shopped it around to are too concerned about the amount of time I focus on places other than Major League Soccer or the English Premier League, the leagues that they feel safe selling in America. They don't know if there's an audience there. They're not sure.

Well, I take that as a challenge. Plan B is to go find that audience via Kickstarter. My intent is to put together a campaign, convince everyone in the whole wide world to give me money (or at least enough people in the whole wide world to hit the all-important ask number), and then use that money to cover the costs of getting an editor and a cover designer and printing it off and shipping and the whole rewards/stretch goals dealie, all that good stuff. (Fingers crossed on me doing well enough to hit stretch goals.)

I feel I should let you know about that now, even though actually starting the campaign is still some time away, because that is going to be my chief creative concern over and above everything else. If there are a couple more off days than usual around here, it's likely because I'm setting up the campaign, and of course, once the campaign actually gets underway, the bulk of programming around here is likely to revolve around campaign status updates because I'm basically going to have one month to raise the funds once the clock starts and that is it. That is going to be hugely super important to me.

So, set aside all of your money, because I will need to relieve you of it at some point not all that far off in the distance. Stay tuned.

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