Saturday, January 25, 2014

Super Bowl Preview Substitute Video Thingy

As I remain in my bolding-the-hell-out-of-words personal hell, please enjoy the following video.

The Seattle Seahawks '12th Man' fanbase has twice this season set a Guinness world record for loudest outdoor stadium. The record originally lay with Turkish soccer club Galatasaray, who achieved 131.7 decibels in a match against Fenerbahce in 2011. The Seahawks took it in Week 2 against the 49ers, getting up to 131.9 and then 136.6 later on in the game. The Chiefs then took the record with 137.5 decibels against the Raiders in Week 6. The Seahawks then took the record back, just squeaking past the Chiefs with 137.6 decibels in Week 13 against the Saints, who in turn tried and failed in an attempt to set the loudest indoor stadium record, only getting to 122.6 against the Panthers in Week 16, short of the record of 126 set by the Sacramento Kings on November 16. (The Kings took the record from the Milwaukee Bucks, who in 2008 set out one random December night against the Clippers to set a whole mess of records and basically just invented the record, setting the mark to beat at a paltry 108.8 decibels, a mark that had already been topped in, for example, 1991 by the Chicago Bulls, except that Guinness wasn't there that day and they weren't even trying to set a record but they still hit 113, getting to 108 just singing the national anthem.)


The clip I have for you is of some Seahawks fans, specifically, players and coaches from the Seattle Youth Football League. They were invited into Fox Sports studios to watch the NFC Championship against the 49ers, and because the youth league was strapped for cash, needing new equipment and fields, they could earn $5,000 for the league just by watching the game.

The catch, because you know there is one: to get the money, they had to stay completely silent for the duration of the game.

I give you a clinic in how to torture a sports fan.

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