Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Random News Generator- Uruguay

My regular RNG list is in the shop, so the FIFA World Rankings stand in as a substitute today... and spit out 18th-ranked Uruguay.

And of course the Uruguay wires are flooded with- what a lucky thing we used the FIFA rankings- World Cup news. But we've already covered Uruguay's biggest World Cup coup in our regular blogging; the 1950 final, a 2-1 victory over Brazil in Rio de Janeiro's Maracana, a win that so demoralized the overconfident Brazilians that fans were jumping from the nose-bleed section.

There's some scattered economic talk, but it's near-impenetrable and in Uruguay it's really just World Cup, World Cup, World Cup right now. Anything Uruguay notices about their economy, they probably won't notice until La Celeste has been eliminated. So let's just go with it.

But Uruguay... you list off names of World Cup winners, and in 18 tournaments, you expect the list to be longer than seven: Brazil, Italy, Argentina, Germany, England, France... and Uruguay. Who now seem unlikely, but when they won, they were still legit contenders. And the first time they won, they were the host.

But the tournament is, for an individual team, just seven games. Anyone that's watched baseball knows that a seven-game set's just not enough to truly determine the best team. So there should be more surprising winners than this, right?


Here's Uruguay's World Cup hub on ESPN; you should be able to reach the other 31 from there with no trouble.

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