Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Ultimate Equal-Time Challenge

Recently, Ron Johnson stormed into the frontrunnership for the Republican Senate nomination in Wisconsin, picking up that party's nomination to challenge Russ Feingold. As he is a political newcomer- he's only been in the race a few weeks and has never held political office- and few know much about him, I e-mailed him a 10-item questionnaire to try and suss out his identity as a candidate. I have yet to recieve a response; I don't know if I will.

This blog is still pretty much held together by a wish and a shoestring, so I've no idea what kind of candidate, if any, would be willing to consent to an interview of any sort here. Yet. But what I can do is cast a wide net and see what I catch. And I intend to cast the widest possible net.

Basically, I don't even feel like trying to gauge what kind of drawing power I've got.

That is why I hereby issue an invitation to everybody. Anybody and everybody. No filter whatsoever. Any formally declared candidate for any elected office in America is welcome to drop me a line-; put "Equal-Time Challenge" in the subject line- and I'll give you my best. I don't care if you're an incumbent US Senator, I don't care if you're running for the school board in Lewiston, Maine. (If you are a school board member from Lewiston, Maine, though, you may want to give me a bit of time to bone up on the situation over there.)

I only set down two rules:

1: You must be a formal candidate currently in your race of choice. If you've been eliminated, or have not yet declared, stay away.
2: In the unlikely event that a queue forms, the highest office gets priority. Remaining ties are broken on a first-come, first-served basis.

Come get some, America. Readers, if you've got someone you'd like to see here, go fetch them, or at least fetch me so I can fetch them.

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