Sunday, May 23, 2010

RNG Update

Main computer's still in the shop. Still. So, we might as well get an update on some of our previous stories covered in the Random News Generator, linking to the original coverage of each story...

UAE: The court hearing of the 17 Indian nationals accused in the death of a Pakistani in Sharjah has been adjourned to June 16, after allowing them access to a Punjabi translator.

Nepal: Jordon Romero summitted Mount Everest yesterday, becoming the youngest person to do so. However, as Nepal wouldn't give him permission to climb on Nepalese territory due to his age, Romero did it from China, which doesn't care about age.

In December, he plans to climb Antarctica's highest peak, Mount Vinson, which would give him the highest peaks of all seven continents.

Macedonia: It's still called the Republic of Macedonia. Greece is still displeased. A whole lot of nothing has actually gotten done.

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