Friday, October 22, 2010

It Got Worse, Somehow

Just when you thought Haiti had suffered enough with the gigantic earthquake shaking half the country to rubble including the presidential palace and the vast majority of the foreign aid promised it- which wouldn't be nearly enough anyway- never actually getting there because of various political pissing matches, all this coming after the country was exploited and attacked and occupied by Columbus-era Spain (warning: graphic descriptions), Napoleon-era France, Wilson-era America, and two domestic dictators, suffering slavery, smallpox, poverty and death and misery all around...

...yeah, now there's a cholera outbreak too.

They would like some money that ISN'T tied up in political gamesmanship, and they do really still need it, so go here, or here, or maybe here, and see if there's anything you can scrounge up. A buck or two, even. The little $1, $2 donations do add up.

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