Thursday, October 14, 2010

Rapid-Fire Book Club, Lolcats Edition

Downtown Books in Milwaukee got my business again; as of right now they're expanding into the address next door, which from the looks appears to be a former convenience store.

There are also kitties at the bookstore, two of them. They resemble the two kitties at my house, both in appearance and general demeanor. One of them, a very affectionate black Maine Coon, opted to roll over, display its stomach, and while I was petting it, first tried to grab my hand with all four paws and then used said hand as a pillow. The other, an orange tabby/shorthair/whatever it is you call 'generic breed of cat', while I was looking at one bottom shelf, decided first that it wanted to have a lengthy stay on my lap, then scurried in between my shirt and jacket, crawled on top of the inside liner of jacket thereby pinning the rest of me to the floor, and proceeded to take a nap.

But anyway. Books. Six of them today.

Harris, Bob- Prisoner of Trebekistan: A Decade in Jeopardy!
Hattikudur, Mangesh; Hunt, Elizabeth, and Pearson, Will- Mental Floss presents: Forbidden Knowledge: A Wickedly Smart Guide to History's Naughtiest Bits
Holkins, Jerry, and Krahulik, Mike- Penny Arcade: Attack of the Bacon Robots!
Henshaw, Richard, and LaBlanc, Michael L.- The World Encyclopedia of Soccer (copyright 1994)
Huyghe, Patrick- Columbus Was Last: From 200,000 BC to 1492, A Heretical History of Who Was First
Veeck, Bill- Veeck as in Wreck: The Autobiography of Bill Veeck

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