Monday, October 11, 2010

Widget Alert

Two changes to the sidebar, and one to the site design:

A) 'Followers' is gone. Sorry to the one person that actually used it. It wasn't worth the space for the sake of one person.

B) In its place, I've inserted the FIFA World Leagues widget, which is a scoreline update on what appears to be every top-level soccer league on Earth as well as a note on the top five in each league. If it wasn't that comprehensive- if it had just stopped at England, Spain, France, Italy and Germany or something- I wouldn't have put it in. But since it got absolutely everybody, even the rinky-dink outfits in places like Burkina Faso and Vanuatu, I figured it was worth an add seeing as I had a spot now freed up. I like to try and hit every part of the world in my posts, not just the popular parts of the world, and that widget, for the world's most popular sport, does fit that MO. (Though it is set to default at the American league, Major League Soccer. Blogger's perogative.) In addition, as noted here before, I am working on a club soccer book as a side project (on deck: team #432, Ferencvaros of Hungary), and that widget might help me out in finding teams that are worth a once-over.

C) The widget wouldn't cooperate in shrinking to fit, which gave me an excuse to do a side-effect change I've been meaning to do for a while: widen both of the text columns. It was driving me nuts having all that blank green space on either side of all the actual content, and not actually doing anything with it. That should also cut down on the scrolling when longer pieces go up, and maybe it means I won't have to shrink down the YouTube videos anymore every time I want to use one.

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