Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Go Vote, Wisconsin

Today is the spring election in Wisconsin, headlined by the first vote in the Scott Walker saga, challenger Joanne Kloppenburg vs. incumbent David Prosser. Walker supporters are backing Prosser, Walker's opposition backs Kloppenburg.

There aren't any polls on this race. At least, no publicly available polls. Prosser had won 55% of the vote in a jungle primary (judicial elections are nonpartisan, technically), but the race had not yet gained the attention it currently has, and the anti-Walker contingent had not yet coalesced behind Kloppenburg, so the primary isn't really a usable gauge. All I know is when I went to vote earlier this morning, I had never seen such a turnout at my precinct, even in November.

If you have not yet done so, fellow Badgers, go vote. If you already have, pat on the back.

Also, programming note while I've got you: this coming Sunday, the 10th, I'll be at the Cubs/Brewers game at Miller Park. There'll be nothing coming on that day.

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