Monday, April 18, 2011

It's Tax Day

It's three days late this year due to the weekend, but it's today.

So this is your friendly reminder to please not be stupid and claim that the 16th Amendment is illegal or that it was never ratified or that Ohio wasn't actually a state until 1953 and so their ratification doesn't count or whatever other fit of idiot libertarianism you come up with that equals "hey, I don't have to pay taxes!" Someone tries it every year, and every year it just ends in that someone's arrest and a cheap laugh for the rest of us. It is regarded as so utterly ridiculous that legally, it is classified as a frivolous argument, which means not only 'you're an idiot; get out of my courtroom', but, due to Rule 11 of the Federal Rules for Civil Procedure, it also means 'the law firm that took your so-called "case" is an idiot too for making me put up with you, and I'm going to punish them for making me have to listen to your crazy'.

Also, you should note that, under section 7482 of the tax code, "The United States Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court shall have the power to require the taxpayer to pay to the United States a penalty in any case where the decision of the Tax Court is affirmed and it appears that the appeal was instituted or maintained primarily for delay or that the taxpayer’s position in the appeal is frivolous or groundless," and frivolous arguments in United States Tax Court, under 26 U.S.C. § 6673(a)(1), could result in up to a $25,000 penalty.

How counter-productive of you.


Clemencia Summers said...

You’re so right! As good citizens of this country, it’s our duty to correctly file our taxes and help out our home state. We always talk about change in the government and projects that need to be done, but change has to come from us too. The simple act of filing our taxes can make such a big difference.

Parris Moretti said...

Filing our taxes correctly, honestly and on time is as simple as this three-word sentence: “It’s the law.” We literally have no excuse not to do it properly. Some people can organize their tax records on their own, while others choose to hire an accountant. Any method they choose is perfectly fine, as long as they’re doing it -- and doing it right.

Winston  Sutton said...

@Parris: I was so busy the last time I need to file my taxes, so I just asked my accountant to do it for me. I’m confident that she’ll do it smoothly because she’s been doing it for the last three years. Not only has she helped me with my tax returns, but with my other accounting works as well. Thus, I maintain well-organized and accurate records.