Saturday, April 9, 2011

Rapid-Fire Book Club, Horrifying Cover Shoots Edition

Fey, Tina- Bossypants

Just wrapped it up today, and Tina Fey is not Tina Fey just because she and Sarah Palin look like each other. The book is kind of a cross between memoir and essay collection. Either way, she's hilarious, but particularly in the essays. The two highlights are probably right in the beginning, when she brings up women's body standards, and towards the middle, when she responds to a series of people on various message boards who in all likelihood figured Tina wasn't going to see what they wrote.

Towards the end, though, she starts to reprint things she's written elsewhere; if you saw a piece in the New Yorker recently by her, you've basically got two of the later chapters right there. (No, I will not link to it, or tell you the title of the piece for Google purposes. You want to read it that badly, go spend money. You're lucky I even spotted you the 'New Yorker' part.) So it makes for a comparatively weak ending to the book if (IF) you've read any of those reprints the first time, but even if you have, it's not all that big a chunk of the book, and the rest is absoutely worth buying anyway.

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