Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Are You Using Friendster?

I'll wait for you to stop laughing.

...oh, come on, it wasn't that funny.

Fine, let's rephrase it. Have you ever used Friendster at some point? If you have, you may want to head on over and clean out anything in your account you may have forgotten you had, because on May 31, they're going to delete it all so they can relaunch as a games site aimed at Asians. They were bought in 2009 by a Malaysian digital payment company called Money Online. Your account will still be there, but your data won't.

Why Asians? Because Friendster, against all odds, is still popular in Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines.

...what? No, they didn't "ban Facebook".

Anyway. Friendster's set up an exporting app that will help get your data off of Friendster and placed somewhere else. This is of course assuming that you have data at Friendster that you don't have somewhere else already. I, of course, being what the kids today refer to as a "hep cat", have already done so by virtue of never having an account there in the first place.

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