Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Queen Sperm The First

I'm not inclined to watch the royal wedding, or care all that much about it really. Don't get me wrong; I'm happy for William and Kate, they seem like they'll make a good couple, but I classify it about the same in my head as I would a wedding of some random A-list celebrity, because given the status of the royal family these days, that's about the place they belong. We give reverence to the Queen, but when we get down to business, we're all looking at the Prime Minister. Let's not kid ourselves. Earlier in England's history, of course. The royal family ran the show for hundreds of years. But none of those years are this one.

Similar feelings pervade this story, concerning a proposal to change the law of succession, in which men take precedence over women; currently a daughter would take over only if there were no sons. On the one hand, absolutely a good move. Yay gender equality and all that. On the other, it might have been an even better move had it been made before the royal family became little more than the English media's personal zoo exhibit.

And besides, the Daily Mail here has now got us- or at least me- talking about the royal status of someone who hasn't even been concieved yet. We're basically sitting here furrowing our brows going "but what if it's a girl?" when right now it's not an anything yet. There's a good chance William hasn't even developed the specific piece of sperm that will become the baby yet.

So let's not get too ahead of ourselves.

(BONUS BACKSTAGE LOOK: When I write something, the first thing I usually do, unless the intended post is really short, is put it on Notepad before I commit it to the 'create post' window. Partially, this is to give myself the time I need to get my thoughts in order. You can save a Notepad file. But mostly it's to give myself a backup file. That, I would very much have liked to have, as I went to spell-check, misclicked, and went away from the page. I got lucky this time; the blog auto-saved somewhere along the line here.

Just to show you what kind of fly-by-night operation we run around here. Sometimes I hit a groove and turn out something I really like in the span of an hour or two, sometimes I'm Craig Ferguson slapping the camera to get it to work.)

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