Wednesday, August 22, 2012

How To Sell Beer To Underage Customers

1. Do not sell beer to underage customers.
2. If you think a customer might be underage, check their ID.
3. You should check ID if the customer appears to be under the age of 40.
4. If the ID depicts an animated cartoon character, such as Bobby Hill, it just might be a fake ID. You should refuse the sale.
5. Bobby Hill is underage.
6. If the ID also says outright that the customer is underage, refuse the sale.
7. If the customer presents you with an ID depicting an underage animated cartoon character, refuse the sale.
8. If someone is audacious enough to present you with a fake ID depicting an underage animated cartoon character, they just might be a legal-aged customer who is also part of a police sting.
9. Police stings are perfectly happy to bust six stores at once after they all sell beer to the same customer using an ID with an underage animated cartoon character.

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