Monday, August 6, 2012

They're Visible For Two Seconds Before The US Wins Something

I want to see how well you've been paying attention so far, with one week to go in these Games.

You know those abbreviations given next to each country's flag? That's the country's 3-letter IOC code. 'USA', of course, is the one for the United States of America. Every single person trapped alone in a room with NBC's coverage ought to know that one. As well as just about every other American, every beleaguered non-American who's ever put up with an American of substandard intelligence, and several species of mold.

Now let's work on the ones NBC hasn't concentrated on very much: the other 203 of them.

You have 20 minutes. Match the country to its respective code. (My score: 189. The L's and M's proved a little tricky.)

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