Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Put Your Sippy Drinks Up

So while at work last night, working in the back room, I came across the Playskool Rocktivity Sit to Stand Music Skool.

This is not normally anything I'd think twice about. A lot of products cross my path every day. That's retail life for you. But the Rocktivity proved... slightly disturbing. You see, this is a toy intended for ages 6-36 months. Being a 'music skool', it plays music. Most of the music is what you would expect and want out of a toy for that age group. London Bridge is Falling Down, the alphabet song, the like.

But listen to this report from the 2012 New York Toy Fair and see if you can spot the song that got my attention:

'On The Floor' by Jennifer Lopez? (featuring Pitbull?) Really?

Just to get the idea across, here is a lyric video of On The Floor:

I mean, thankfully it's just an instrumental, and there are certainly worse songs to come out of a toy for babies and toddlers, but... club music? With exhortations to drink (the refrain, including the words 'grab somebody, drink a little more', being the part of the song cued up in the Rocktivity), references to 'badonkadonks', and I noticed an expletive in there? Really? All the hit songs you could have picked for ages 6-36 months, and you picked club music by J-Lo and Pitbull? Are you serious? At their prices you could have gotten the rights for just about any song you wanted. Any song. Flick on the radio, whoever's voice comes out, you could have gotten them. Kelly Clarkson. Owl City. Jewel's done two children's albums.

Or, you know, J-Lo can get 'Donkey Konged'. Your call, Playskool.

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