Friday, February 15, 2013


We're in the middle of a rather hectic couple days in the house, running back and forth between Watertown and Madison so my dad can get detached-retina surgery. So I need to make this fast.

So here's a British store, Selfridges, that sold things without their logos. Some assorted brands were brave- or confident- enough to strip the logos off their products and put them on display as part of the store's No Noise Initiative. Some items have fared better than others. If you're Heinz or Levi's, you're very pleased, as people still knew it was you and bought your stuff anyway. If you're a cosmetics product, you're not too happy, because without the name, you turn out to just look generic and overpriced- particularly Creme de la Mer, one of the last items still on the shelf. And if you're Marmite... well, you're still Marmite.

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