Sunday, February 17, 2013

Happy Red Overtone Serpent Day!

Would you like to switch to a hopelessly complicated calendar today?

Yes. Yes, you would. You will see that I have locked all the doors in your house and you're not going anywhere until you do.

I direct you to the 13 Moon Calendar at the Foundation for the Law of Time. I'm going to be honest here; I can't slice through half the text being provided, but what I think is going on here is that it's inspired somewhat by the Mayan calendar. You know, the one we just got done end-of-the-worlding over. At its base, it switches from the current setup to one of 13 months containing 28 days each. A lot of alternative calendars do that. That makes for 364 days. The 365th day is allocated to none of the months, and is regarded as the 'Day Out of Time'.

The Day Out of Time is July 25th on the Gregorian calendar, as the 13 Moon Calendar begins on July 26th, which, according to the site, "was correlated to the conjunction of the sun with Sirius rising."

If only it were that simple. Oh, no.

Next comes the little matter of what to call each day. For that, we require a small tutorial. The tutorial is so easy to follow that I needed the homepage to straight-up tell me what we're calling today so that I could even make an attempt at following along.

Today is Galactic Moon Kali 11 Kin 5 Red Overtone Serpent.

No, I'm not kidding. Let's try and break this thing down.

*'Galactic Moon' is the name for the eighth month of the 13-month year. In sequence, the moons are magnetic, lunar, electric, self-existing, overtone, rhythmic, resonant, galactic, solar, planetary, spectral, crystal and cosmic. (This is not the full name of the moon; each has an animal attached to it as well. Respectively, the animals are bat, scorpion, deer, owl, peacock, lizard, monkey, hawk, jaguar, dog, serpent, rabbit and turtle. So this is actually the Galactic Hawk Moon.)
*'Kali' refers to the day of the week. Today, Sunday, is the 4th day of the week; the 13 Moon week starts on Thursday. Thursday is 'Dali', and then we go to Seli, Gamma, Kali, Alpha, Limi and Silio.
*'11' means that this is the 11th day of the 28-day month. This is the second week of the month, so it's a white week. Each of the four weeks of a month has a color to it: red, white, blue or yellow. Seeing as it's white week, humility refines meditation. On red week, knowledge initiates view. On blue week, patience transforms conduct, and on yellow week, power ripens fruit.
*'Kin 5' refers to a separate 260-day cycle overlaid on top of the 365-day cycle. This would be the 260 Galactic Gateways of the Galactic Module, which the site says is "the rough measure of the human gestation period, and is also a perfect fractal of the galactic 26,000-year cycle which we will be completing on December 21, 2012". (AKA, Mayan End-Of-The-World Day.) These days are mapped out on a 13-by-20 chart mapping out all the kins. It's 13 by 20 because we have 13 articulations and 20 fingers and toes. Cycles of 13 and 20 run parallel to each other on the chart.
*'Overtone' indicates the place in the cycle of 13, in this case the fifth position; the names are the same as those of the moons. This is the 'tone'.
*'Red' and 'Serpent' indicate the place in the cycle of 20, again the fifth position here. 'Serpent' indicates the 'seal'. In sequence, these are dragon, wind, night, seed, serpent, worldbridger, hand, star, moon, dog, monkey, human, skywalker, wizard, eagle, warrior, earth, mirror, storm and sun. Each seal is locked to a color. Dragon, serpent, moon, skywalker and earth are always red. Wind, worldbridger, dog, wizard and mirror are always white. Night, hand, monkey, eagle and storm are always blue. Seed, star, human, warrior and sun are always yellow. You give color first, then tone, then seal.

The seal and tone have keywords attached to them, an essence, a power and an action. Overtone's are radiance, power and command, respectively. Red Serpent's keywords are life force, survives, and instinct.

Not only that, but the time of day has been divided into six-hour segments, called NET or Neospheric Earth Time: midnight to 6 AM is the First Watch, 6 AM to noon is the Second Watch, noon to 6 PM is the Third Watch, and 6 PM to midnight is the Fourth Watch.

There is also an oracle board to worry about. You've got a cross arrangement, with the first four seals in the east (in a red box), the next four in the north (white), the next four in the west (blue), the next four in the south (yellow), and the last four in the center (green). Each seal in turn has four other seals surrounding it, again in the four cardinal directions.

Since today is Red Serpent, that's the center one, the 'Destiny Kin'. As it's the fifth seal, you'll find it in the northern white box. The seal to its east is the 'Analog Kin', the planetary support power. The one to the south is the 'Occult Kin', the hidden power. The one to the west is the 'Anipode Kin', the challenge/strengthening power. Those are all set based on today and, thus, what the Destiny Kin is. So for today, the Analog Kin is White Wizard, the Occult Kin is Yellow Warrior, and the Antipode Kin is Blue Eagle. Then you've got the one to the north, the 'Guide Kin', the fifth force outcome, and the color of the kin there is always going to be the same as the Destiny Kin. Which one it is specifically depends on where in the 13-tone sequence you sit; in this case, the case of tone number 5, we skip eight seals ahead of the destiny seal. So the Guide Kin here is Red Skywalker. You're supposed to meditate on all the keywords attached to the relevant kins, especially those of the Destiny Kin and Guide Kin.

So for today, in addition to Red Serpent's essence of 'life force', power of 'survives', and action of 'instinct', you're supposed to match that to Red Skywalker's keywords of space, explores, and wakefulness. You can also add in White Wizard's keywords of timelessness, enchants and receptivity; Yellow Warrior's keywords of intelligence, questions and fearlessness; and Blue Eagle's keywords of vision, creates and mind.

If you'd like to fast-forward through all this and figure out your birthday, go here and punch it in Gregorian-style and they'll translate it for you. I was born on January 17, 1985 and for that, it spit out the following, none of which I have made up:

Your birthday on the 13 Moon Calendar is:
Resonant Moon day 8
Year of the Blue Overtone Storm

Your Galactic Signature is:

kin 154: White Spectral Wizard
I Dissolve in order to Enchant
Releasing Receptivity
I seal the Output of Timelessness
With the Spectral tone of Liberation
I am guided by my own power doubled
I am a galactic activation portal    enter me.
('Galactic activation portal' means that on the 13-by-20 chart, the day's place on the grid was colored green. I have no earthly clue what that's supposed to mean.)

 So then after that, you can go here and find who shares your birthday. It is not the same bunch of people who share your usual birthday.

The website states, "There is no comparison between this experience and saying: "Today is Sunday, February 17, 2013."

No. No, there is not.

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