Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Break Out The Picket Signs

Commentators reporting from inside the Supreme Court are coming away largely certain that the Court, come June, is going to strike down the Voting Rights Act, 5-4, on a party-line vote. (To those who bristle at the phrase 'party-line vote' being used in conjunction with a Supreme Court vote, let me remind you how many people can tell exactly, to a man, how the vote breaks down just from those three words. The Supreme Court is nonpartisan in the same way March Madness bracket pools are illegal.) The only real question is how far the 5 are intending to go.

Gentlemen, start your taking to the streets. You do have until June, and given last year with the Obamacare ruling, Roberts at least is paying attention to how he'll look in the history books.

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