Friday, February 1, 2013

Oh, And I Say Ravens 31, 49ers 16

So, the Big Game Named Such Because The Big Professional Football Company People Trademarked The Official Name Of The Game is a couple days away now. The 49ers probably can't wait for the game to hurry up and get here, because when you make an It Gets Better video, then deny you made one, then denounce yourself having made one because you didn't know that It Gets Better is an anti-gay-bullying organization, you want something that awful and strange out of the headlines as quickly as possible. And if you're the Ravens, well, Ray Lewis being accused of using deer antler spray as a steroid isn't an excellent thing to have in the news either.

But you're watching anyway, right? Bet you'll have food laid out too. Lots of it. And you're probably creating garbage too. In so doing, you're almost surely making more than the Shelley family in Portland, Oregon. They have one 35-gallon garbage can. They fill it at the rate of once a year. They separate out the bones and have a neighbor compost them once a month for cookies. They save some $400 a year cutting curbside garbage out of their budget. It wasn't an immediate thing or any part of a challenge- it came about gradually- so it may take a while for someone else to emulate, but it can be done.

Just so long as you start by not recycling yourself.

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