Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Random News Generator- St. Pierre and Miquelon

St. Pierre and Miquelon is a tiny little archipelago off the southern coast of Newfoundland, existing under French control since 1763 when it was handed over from the British at the end of the French and Indian War (or for you purists, the Seven Years' War). You're forgiven if you were under the impression that Canada actually owned it, though show up on the islands and you'd be disabused of that notion in a hurry. You showing up on the islands is one of the few things of note going on, with the major news being a worry that a price hike of $14 on the ferry to the islands might result in a drop in tourism.

The only other real piece of news out of the area involves the drowning death this past Thursday of 55-year-old Henri Perrin, who fell overboard off a boat with no other passengers. The article states that he was hunting off the Burin Peninsula, which is part of Newfoundland.

That's pretty much it. It's quiet out there right now. So here's... well, not too much in the way of video either. It's mostly marine-based activities comprising the video spread. Okay, then, well, here's a guy whale-watching.

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