Saturday, March 23, 2013

Make Benghazi A Scandal Or The Network Gets It

There's a right-leaning news network that's supposed to be launching in the summer, called the One America News Network, out of the ashes of what was once a channel called Wealth TV. If you've never heard of Wealth TV, well, that makes two of us, but the AV Club ran a profile on the network a few years back. Given what the AV Club had to say about it, it was primarily gawking at expensive stuff using really low production values and trophy-wife eye candy up to and including someone the Real Housewives people fired. According to Wikipedia, they've also been airing boxing pay-per-views of events that involve Don King. So it's not like we're losing a good channel or even one that used to be a noble enterprise at some point.

Granted, we're not going to be gaining one either. Case in point, One America is slated to be working with the Washington Times, using them as a Washington bureau. You know the Washington Times as the Washington Post's smaller, inferior, Unification Church-founded-and-funded-to-this-day crosstown rival. (Unification Church. You know, Sun Myung Moon. Remember back when people used to get annoyed in airports by religious types? Those guys.)

Anyway. With One America on the horizon, the right-wing Tea Party base that has made up much of the audience of also-right-leaning Fox News has begun to migrate in its direction even before it's begun airing, or failing that, one of the more established bastions of right-leaning media, such as Glenn Beck or the Drudge Report. The reason is that they see Fox News as no longer catering to them enough. The notion of 'Fair and Balanced' that people who weren't watching Fox News as it was find laughable is one that some viewers demand Fox News outright abandon in favor of becoming openly, unapologetically right-wing. In addition, they demand at least two prime-time segments per night devoted to the Benghazi embassy killings from last September. In the absence of such things, they have begun to boycott Fox News for days at a time. In fact, they are doing so in the presence of such things as well, as Fox News has already devoted substantial airtime to the topic, one largely dismissed by the left as nothing more than the latest in a long line of attacks on American diplomatic facilities (an incomplete list is here). A segment from Sean Hannity concerning Benghazi ran on the first night of boycotting, meaning the boycotters didn't see it, and in fact didn't care to see it, dismissing it as too little, too late.

If you're trying to make sense of that, maybe this will clear things up: according to the Daily Beast, boycott leader Kathy Amidon linked Daily Beast to this website. It is one page.

Pages on the Internet can be of unlimited length.

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