Wednesday, March 27, 2013


So a long way back, I mentioned how Microsoft is trying to get people to dump Internet Explorer 6 so web developers won't have to deal with it anymore. In March 2011, I first mentioned it with 12% of the world still on IE6. By June, it had dropped to 10.9%; in January 2012, it was at 7.7%.

We've only dropped to 6.7% in the 14 months since then. It's not for lack of most of the world trying; the vast majority of nations have gotten under the 1.0% target. Norway's actually gotten all the way down to zero; Denmark, Finland, Sweden and Switzerland aren't far behind at 0.1%. The United States, among others, is at 0.2%. There are only a handful of nations still at or above 1%, and all but one of them aren't all that far above the mark: Chile (1.0%), Vietnam (1.2%), Hong Kong (1.4%) South Korea (1.4%), Taiwan (2.0%), Japan (2.1%), India (2.4%).

It's that last one that's causing all the problems here. The last one is China, and they're sitting at 25.8%. All by themselves they make up 4.4% of the global 6.7%.

Not that they come here much anyway, but... China? Get moving.

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