Saturday, November 16, 2013

Desert Bus 7

Desert Bus For Hope 7 has just gotten underway. Here's the idea, for those who've never heard of it:

The group here, Loading Ready Run, will play the world's most boring videogame, Desert Bus. You drive a virtual bus that doesn't go any faster than 45 mph from tuscon to Las Vegas. There is no scenery, just flat desert. It is an 8 hour drive. The bus constantly leans slightly to the right, so you always have to be at the controller. If you go off the dead-straight road, the bus slows to a stop, overheats, and you are towed back to Tuscon in real time. If you stop for too long, the bus overheats and you are also towed back. If you make it to Vegas, you score one point and then attempt another 8-hour drive back to Tuscon for a second point.

The live feed of that is here.

Needless to say, the rest of the group that isn't driving spices up the time with random hijinks and auctions and dares undertaken in exchange for donations.

The idea is, the more you donate, the longer they have to play. The first hour costs $1, and each additional hour costs 7% more than the previous hour. $4,044 was raised prior to the start of the run, good for 83 hours, but by that point, the cost of hour 84 had gone up into the hundreds of dollars.

Go. Give them money. Make them drive for all the hours.

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