Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Election Day

Yesterday I ran a search on the text of my soccer book to look for the phrase "as of". As in, 'as of this date', 'as of late', 'as of this writing'. The idea was to check for parts of the book most likely to need some kind of update, as I attempt to keep it as current as I can while waiting for developments on other people's end of the project.

The search turned up 152 results. Even without posting here, I managed to get barely past halfway through the results yesterday and am facing another long slog today.

I'm not leaving this place two days fallow, though; not while I have access to a computer. Luckily, today's update is rather short:

It's Election Day for many of you. Go vote. Or at least try to vote in the face of those post-Voting Rights Act restrictions.

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