Monday, November 11, 2013

The Philippines Is Screwed

Typhoon Haiyan just got done ravaging the Philippines a few days ago, causing some 10,000 deaths as currently estimated, leveling entire cities, and leaving millions without basic supplies. A slideshow of the devastation can be seen here, along with the note that the initial first response has been lacking, partially because many of the first responders are victims themselves. Order has broken down enough that crowds have taken to looting what food and supplies they can find.

But we haven't said anything about the typhoon here yet. That changes now. But as is my routine for things like this, my way of informing is generally to pass you off to people who can show you better than I can what the hell just happened, let you take it in, and then I point you in the direction that lets you help out. A quarter of the Philippine GDP comes from remittances- relatives who've found decent lives overseas sending money back home- so they're no stranger to that. Luckily, this has already been done as well by CBS. So here is their list of places where you can help. The Red Cross, UNICEF, the like. So go help.

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