Thursday, December 12, 2013

Fragile, Brittle China

It is cold. It is likely you are also cold. We both wish to be warm.

Throw yourself on top of the furnace vent and never ever get off of it.

Also kill Florida.

I hear Greece is nice and warm this time of year, so here's a game that takes place there. It's called Minotaur In A China Shop. The idea is, you're a minotaur fresh out of the labyrinth, and you've had some... anger issues, being a minotaur and all. It's not your fault. At least, legally it isn't. You have rage insurance that covers anything you might do, or break, while sufficiently angry. But you're trying to go straight.

So you open a china shop. Customers come in, ask for merchandise, and you go get it and bring it back to them. Another customer comes in, asks for something, and you go get-- oh, dear, how clumsy of you, you've accidentally knocked something over. But it's okay, it's all right, don't get upse-- well, fine, you broke another piece of china, but hey, you're not all that nimble on your feet, it's fine, you're good for the cost of th-- another one? Well, at least your rage insurance has kicked in, and it'll cover anything else you break from that point forward. But you are rather angry. We'll have to call security.

Word of note, I lasted until Day 3 before I dropped the pretense of even attempting to serve customers. But I'm breaking stuff where it's warm, and that's the important thing.

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