Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Random News Generator- Belarus

Well, here's what happened. I had spun the Random News Generator, and it landed on Belarus. I spent a good chunk of the day writing a nice little piece built around this story concerning two people convicted in a Belarus court of spying for Lithuania, and how this reflects on their larger relationship with each other. In short, both nations put on a smiling face for the rest of the world, they have good trade relations, but they internally undermine each other, harboring the other nation's opposition and cracking down on those who have too many ties to the other, though Belarus is way worse with it. I was going to talk about how Lithuania, being the better-viewed of the two, plays it up to the international community about how they hope Belarus will come to the table soon and yada yada you know the rhetoric. I was even going to relate the whole matter to the depiction of the nations in anthropomorphic form in the anime/manga series Axis Powers Hetalia, where Lithuania's character is depicted as harboring romantic feelings for Belarus, who in turn harbors unrequited romantic feelings for Russia, who in turn harbors unrequited semi-romantic feelings for Lithuania.

Then Blogger went haywire on me and ate the whole goddamned thing.

So I'm pretty much left with that one-paragraph summary on what you WOULD have seen, and am relegated to passing you off to this more detailed overview of their relations. So, happy new year, everybody except Blogger, who can go eat a dick.

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