Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas, Utah

The 10th Circuit court in Denver has today refused to stay the ruling by Robert Shelby of a federal district court that Utah's ban on gay marriage, as approved by the voters in 2004, is unconstitutional. This sets the stage for the rush in gay marriages that are a result of the ruling to have several months to continue while the appeals process plays out, while a stay of the ruling by them, or by an initial appeal to Shelby that was also denied, would have stopped any further marriages until the legal process played out. The only further appeal that can be made is to the US Supreme Court, but as Republicans in Utah wish to halt the marriages as quickly as possible, the 10th Circuit is their fastest option... unless the 10th Circuit upholds the ruling as well.

So all the options for a quick stoppage of the marriages have now been exhausted. Merry Christmas, gay couples in Utah.

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